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Information Management

Capability to interface with other computer systems such as SAP and exchange multiple file formats.

The Shippers Group recognizes that information is a vital component of what you need and we have incorporated information systems as a strategic part of our approach. Given the nature of our business, public warehousing, must be flexible. Moreover, information must be timely, accurate, and simultaneously available throughout the organization. Our information systems are based upon an IBM® iSeries® platform. The following is a brief description of our system and what it can do for you.

Warehouse Management System

The heart of our warehousing systems solution, our WDLS (Warehousing and Distribution Logistics System) product models the physical processes occurring within a warehouse. As stock is moved into, out of, and within a warehouse, transactions are entered into WDLS so that the location and status of stock and shipments can be accessible to those who need them.

The WDLS system addresses all critical aspects of warehouse management: inbound and outbound processing, inventory management, and invoice production, and provides software bridges to accounts receivable, web access, electronic data interchange, and physical inventory. WDLS allows the 3rd party logistics provider to mix accounts within or across buildings and match operational requirements to the needs of each account.

Electronic Commerce

The Shippers Group recognizes and is prepared to meet the ever-increasing shift of today's warehouse toward electronic commerce. Our WDLSEDI and WDLSWEB modules married to our state of the art EDI mapping software can accommodate multiple trading partners trading multiple document, and utilize any version of the recognized EDI standards (ANSI X.12, UCS, or EDIFACT) over any number of exchange mediums (value added networks, the internet, direct connections, and secure file transfer protocol).

WDLSEDI is completely integrated with our WDLS package, and incorporates sophisticated validity checking procedures to ensure the quality and integrity of EDI transmissions. Our implementation provides us with high quality, accurate, and manageable interfaces that enhance the value of our services. Shippers currently employs this technology in every major account exchanging over 125 different documents with in excess of 100 separate trading partners.

Radio Frequency / Bar Coding / RFID Technology

The Shippers Group was instrumental in developing the WDLSRF interface module for the WDLS package. This technology provides the ability to bring the WDLS application right down onto the warehouse floor and to the loading docks through this module.

The Shippers Group has invested more than $250,000 in RFID technology and is one of the very few public warehousing companies in the U.S. to offer this solution to its CPG customers.

Bar Coding is used on each warehouse location and on product labels in conjunction with the RF units to improve the accuracy of the locater. Shortage/overages on receiving, put-away accuracy, product movement during re-warehousing, and improved picking, reflect the advantages of this technology.

Internet Access

The integrated WDLSWEB module delivers real-time information to our clients via the internet. Internet profiles are given to clients allowing them access to stock status, activity, receipt status, and order status. Forms based order entry is available. Reports can be produced on schedule and published or e-mailed. e-Mail notifications can be sent based upon confirmation of receipt, shipment, low-stock points and other system events.

Further Information

Additional information on the WDLS application is available from or software partner (Codeworks, LLC) at Additional information on our EDI mapping software is available from Extol, Inc. They can be contacted at Additional information on the iSeries computer system can be accesses at