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Fulfillment Services and Packaging Solutions

We Transform e-Commerce Orders, Product Shipments and Supplier Components to Shelf-Ready Retail Packages, Point-of-Purchase Displays for Faster Customer Revenue

Fulfillment and Packaging Services Packaging Orders for Direct Fulfillment to Customer

As the world of business has become as much e-commerce as on-site sales, The Shippers Group solutions have adapted to fit the need.  Our team handles an array of customer requirements to fulfill customer orders that include: 

e-Commerce Order Management:  As Internet orders are received, our team picks 'eaches' from cases of goods, places desired number of units into packaging (with packing peanuts or other cushioning), labels and ships out to salons, dealers, retail stores, or consumers with tracking visibility.

Point-of-Purchase and Promotional Displays:  For industries from automotive to fast moving consumer goods, The Shippers Group teams provide packaging services to ensure products are in the correct quantity, and configuration desired for direct-to-shelf product displays at retail chains, dealerships, even beauty salons around the country. 

Examples include: 

Cosmetics: create customized packages for retail display.

Automotive - pull parts from stock inventories, and package for dealer display or usage in repair processes.

Food and Beverage:  pull goods from large boxes of individual units for sale, sort them into trays and/or buckets, shrink-wrap per requirement and place into special packages for standard retail, seasonal back-to-school, holiday or other  promotional displays. 

Fulfillment and Packaging Services Packaging and Fulfillment Services